Constable Funnyname

Constable Funnyname's worst fear

Constable Funnyname is a very dumb found cop that appears in the Rex The Runt series and most famously in "Trials Of Wendy" where he tries to arrest her for shooting Vince. His mother is the court judge.


He appears twice in the series once with his mother who is the judge of the court Wendy testifies in. He is the town local cop and in the episode Patio the ants destroy Constable Funnyname's quarters as well as most of the town including Rex's house leaving Runtford pretty much destroyed until the end of the episode.

List Of AppearancesEdit

Trials Of Wendy

Stinky's Search For A Star

First And Last AppearanceEdit

He first appears in "The Trials Of Wendy" where he plays a large role in the episode and arrests Wendy for shooting Vince after explaining Vince can't die from gun fire. They go to court and he gives a very long and boring story of how he made the arrest and his mom the judge, cuts him off after waking up. He plays a minor role later in the Series in Stinky's Search For A Star where he auditions and ends up crying.

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