In this episode Easter Island Head Aliens try a witty plan to capture rex and it's up to Bob, Vince and Wendy to save him

Act IEdit

It's starts with Rex flying the rest of the gang in a helicopter when it crash lands into easter islands and is to damaged to be flown again. They meet the Easter Island Head Aliens who offer Rex drinks even though he knows he can't handle even a few drinks. To keep Bob and Wendy occupied they give them sausages while Vince is a very minor character in this episode.

Act IIEdit

The aliens kidnap Rex after discussing their plans to bring him to their home world to ammuse their fellow aliens. They fly off in their space ship with Rex screaming for help which Bob and Wendy take the go back in time-atron. They are barely willing to go help Rex as they clearly don't really care. The aliens are tormenting Rex by scaring him but their fellow aliens think Rex should be set free. Bob, Wendy and Vince show up and put on a show for the aliens ammusing them before taking off with Rex.

Act IIIEdit

They eventually get home just to go watch some Telly, the ending appears to be rather short and not much wrapped up to it. Rex doesn't even seem to be fully grateful to the gang.

Cast Of CharactersEdit



Bad Bob


Easter Island Head Aliens


  • Through the episode there are 3 Easter Heads trying to abduct Rex but there's four in the UFO