Rex learns more about how Johnny Saveloy stole his partner's voice and is determined to stop him

Act IEdit

Act IIEdit

Act IIIEdit

Cast Of CharactersEdit

  • Vince: Steve Box
  • Rex: Andrew Franks
  • Bob: Kevin Wrench
  • Wendy: Elisabeth Hadley
  • Johnny Saveloy: Bob Monkhouse
  • Mr Wangle: Stanley Unwin


  • Personalities unlocked by Vince include, Jimmy Saville, Terry Wogan and Ringo Starr
  • Jars containing personalities of Aardman characters Wallace and Gromit (Spelt "Grommit") can be seen as Vince samples personalities
  • Aardman animator and Wallace and Gromit creating legend Nick Park has a jar on the top shelf as Vince enters the room