He only appears in Adventures On Telly Part III where he plays a fairly important role in the series.


He is first seen in the Poultry Pantry where Rex and the gang go in because their hungry but all they can find is roasted chicken. He keeps pestering them and warns them about an upcoming black hole which they later run into. At the end he can be seen going in the black hole.

First And Last AppearanceEdit

His very first appearance is in the Poultry Pantry where he's talking to Rex and the gang while they somehow force down the black burnt chicken and he speaks to them. He warns them about the black hole and later drives his bike through space telling them not to hog the middle lane. At the end of the episode he is last seen driving through the black hole complaining how they beat him there.

List Of AppearancesEdit

Adventures On Telly Part III

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