There are only seen in the shows pilot, Holiday In Vince where Mrs. Bloomers appears to be directing a TV Station inside Vince's brain with Judith Poodle her dog


There are very minor characters in Rex The Runt and only appear on the Television sometimes as well as Wendy's favorite channel The Holiday Program.

First And Last AppearanceEdit

She is seen several times with her dog on TV but mainly on telivision stations most famously, Wendy's favorite station "The Holiday Program" which Bob dislikes. Vince appears to like it to as he helps Wendy change the channel on Bob. She first appears in the Pilot "Holiday In Vince" and her last appearance is on TV in "Adventures On Telly Part I" although it's possible she's the woman on TV in "Easter Island".

List Of AppearancesEdit

Holiday In Vince

Adventures On Telly Part I

Easter Island