Rex and the gang join the army

Act IEdit

After returning from a wedding, Wendy is feeling bored, as her life is going nowhere. Then she sees an advert on telly about joining the army. After that, Wendy, Rex, Vince and Bob decide to join the army. At the army base, Rex and Bob are kicked out, and Wendy and Vince made it into the army.

While the army commander is describing the army life to the recruits, Wendy isnt bothered by the roughness to the commander's annoyance.

Back at their home, Bob is upset that he didn't make it into the army and he is crying in his shed. Rex is outside trying to cheer him up. After saying that he didn't want to join the amy last week, Bob decides to make something to take his mind off of it.

Act IIEdit

Vince is then automatically promoted to the head of the war offices, and he is sitting in at his desk looking at a big red button.

Meanwhile, Wendy had taking to the army lifestyle easily. She is running and chanting the march, and has peeled loads of potatos.

Meanwhile, Bob has invented a device with an old hairdryer and a microwave. It turns about to be an invisibility device because it then turns both Rex and Himself Invisible! Later, the effects wear off when Bob and Rex both fart.

Meanwhile at the War Office, Vince is really tempted the press the Button, and the angel and devil in his brain argue about pressing the button. Vince pushes it, and as a result, it starts a war!

Act IIIEdit

After Wendy is given a Medal for her army training, a war has been started! When Wendy goes to the war office, she finds out that Vince had pressed the button and set off nuclear warheads off in several countrys. Then, she drags Vince home.

Back at the house, Wendy and Vince arrive back at the house Wendy says that Vince had started a War in France. Then, the army commander comes around for Wendy, but Rex doesn't want her to fight. Wendy says she wanted to fight for queen and country. Then Bob uses his invisibility ray on Wendy, Rex and Vince and came out wearing Wendy's makeup, bra and knickers saying that he was Wendy and wanted to fight.

But after weeks of toil in the war zones, Bob wanted to leave the army. He tried to reavel his deception, but the army commander wasn't convinced.

Cast Of CharactersEdit

  • Rex
  • Wendy
  • Bob
  • Vince
  • Army Commander
  • One Eyed Alien