The gang joins an audition for a music contest and makes it to the finals. Will they beat the Happy Rabbits?

Act IEdit

It starts out with the gang being bored and never having much money and Rex has just blown much of their money on lots of unwanted food and useless items that not even Bad Bob liked but Vince appeared to want some. They entered taking awhile to choose a name and get their band together and they entered with many qualifiers doing terrible one being Constable Funnyname. They make it to the finals with the happy rabbits who appear to out sing the gang.

Act IIEdit

There in the finals with the happy rabbits and this dancing beatle with many legs is the entree, who would appear later in the episode. Rex and the band start playing eventually getting the audience's attention and they start clapping and cheering for Rex and the band. Rex, Wendy, Bob and Vince thinkthey are doing great and have a good chance of winning the contest but The Happy Rabbits run on stage and smash up the place. Stinky Basil likes the sound and without even consulting the judges claims them the winners.

Act IIIEdit

Rex and the gang can be seen at home and they say it's OK and they didn't even need the money. They start playing nice tunes with eachother with the dancing beatle that was at the concert in there house. Vince tries to kill it but he beats Vince and throws him down the stairs.

Cast Of CharactersEdit



Bad Bob


Stinky Basil


  • It was rumored that Wayne The Zebra was an audience at the finals it was proved false