An episode where Rex and the gang meet themselves less than 2 minutes in the past.

Act IEdit

The gang starts out by going further and further back in time to find something famous that was invented and go in the future and make it getting lots of money with Bob fooling around in the Go-back-in-time-atron and they end up in the dinosaur ages. Vince drinks the soup, becomes a giant dinosaur and crushed the machine. Horrified, the gang yells at Vince. All of a sudden them from the past show up and they stop Vince from drinking the soup. They quickly go into the Past Gang's machine and head to there house but the Past Gang and Present Gang fights over who's house it really is. They decide to have a barking competition.

Act IIEdit

There having a barking competition which attracts way to many dogs and there are many dogs everywhere around the house. They hide in the house but nothing works. Bad Bob gets a plan and gets a tennis ball from inside and throws it down over a cliff which will later appear in the episode Patio. All the dogs run but quickly the Past gang realises they've been had. They run back but the gang locks the doors and closes the windows and they exclaim it's a good thing they never learned how to fetch.

Act IIIEdit

The gang ends up keeping there Go-Back-In-Time-Atron and the credits open with all the four main characters barking crazily with Vince letting out weird sounds such as mooing.

Cast Of CharactersEdit



Bad Bob



  • One of the dogs look like the later known as Handsome Rex